Nathan Fillion, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Katee Sackhoff and Thomas Dekker Video Interviews

     May 13, 2007

I’m trying to get through the rest of the video interviews I have from the 2007 Saturn Awards and I didn’t realize how much footage I shot. Rather than posting all these short interviews as individual articles I decided to post a few of them together and break it up into two parts.

In part one I have Eli Roth, Mick Garris and Tom DeSanto. And in part two, which is below, I’ve got Nathan Fillion, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Katee Sackhoff and Thomas Dekker.

Nathan Fillion on the Red Carpet

He talks about “Drive” and reveals he didn’t know how it would play out. While the interview is not filled with anything major he is always great to watch as he knows how to play it up for the camera.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead on the Red Carpet

I asked her why Grindhouse didn’t do as well as expected and what’s her reaction to the PG-13 controversy of Die Hard 4 as she plays the daughter of Bruce Willis.

Katee Sackhoff on the Red Carpet

Talks about “Bionic Woman” and says her character has “gone off the reservation”

She lists what body parts got replaced and says her character on “Bionic Woman” is like #6 from “Battlestar” and is the femme fatale.

Thomas Dekker and Tim Sullivan on the Red Carpet

Thomas will be playing John Conner on the “Sarah Conner Chronicles.” I asked about signing up for a multiple years show and if he was nervous about doing that. He said it was the second most expensive pilot this year and he was in New Mexico for 2 months and a 6 camera set up.

He also talks about his project with Tim Sullivan called “Brothers of the Blood” which is a vampire story. He then introduces Tim and he talks about his involvement with the Saturn Awards. Tim calls “Brothers” his “Gods and Monsters.” Says it will be a hard R and Shakespearean and set in San Fran. Thomas will be playing a vampire named Luke who will be a 58 year old in a young person’s body.

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