NBC Pulls CHASE from Schedule But Picks Up Four New Pilots Including INCEPTION-Like Drama REM from LONE STAR Creator

     February 4, 2011


Frankly I’m surprised the series made it this far, but it looks like the procedural game of cat and mouse is over. EW reports NBC has pulled the crime drama Chase from their schedule, effective immediately. The drama was given a second chance to shine after moving from its original Monday timeslot to a primetime airing on Wednesdays. However, the drama was no match for American Idol, and the series will now be replaced with another hour of NBC’s successful game show Minute to Win It.

However, NBC is ready to give a couple new series a chance at winning audiences over next weekend as they’ve picked up a few new pilots for the fall. Details on those projects after the jump.

lone_star_tv_show_cast_01EW reports Lone Star creator Kyle Killen isn’t letting the unfortunate fate of his last TV endeavor get him down as NBC has just picked up REM, the pilot for a new series described as an “Inception-style” drama. The series is said to be a procedural hybrid which follows the simultaneous and parallel lives of a detective who can not let go of any aspect of his fractured family after a horrible car accident. I guess Killen likes these parallel lives stories. But considering how much I loved Lone Star, and how desperately I tried to save it, you can bet I’m excited about checking this out.

NBC is also looking for another workplace comedy with their pick-up of Free Agents, a pilot from Party Down creator John Enbom. Apparently the pilot is cast contingent (which means if the cast is suitable, the pilot will move forward), and much like The Office, this series is based on a British comedy. The potential series would follow two quirky co-workers at a Hollywood talent agency who are on the rebound from their previous relationships (one from a divorce and the other from the loss of a fiancé).

In addition, the network also snagged two more comedy pilots. One currently untitled project comes from Parks and Recreation producer Dan Goor and follows a young doctor who joins his parents’ medical practice and spends as much time tending to his family as his patients.” The other comedy, Love Lives, comes from Chris Sheridan (producer of Family Guy) and is simply about two couples and their challenges of love and infidelity.

Stay tuned as many more pilots are picked up with the hope of hitting the air this fall.