NBC Pays Conan O’Brien and His Staff $45 million to Leave THE TONIGHT SHOW

     January 21, 2010


The final settlement between Conan O’Brien and NBC over the Tonight Show fiasco comes to a whopping $44 million to the network.  $33 million comes from paying off CoCo and another $12 million to pay off Coco’s staff.  Additionally, Conan won’t be able to launch a new show until September 1st, which isn’t a big deal since that’s how long it would take to put together a new show anyway.  Conan’s last episode as host of The Tonight Show will be this Friday with Will Ferrell and Tom Hanks as the confirmed guests.

But just because they’ve asked Conan to go away, it doesn’t mean he’s not going to use up the show’s budget before he goes.  Last night he spent $1.5 million dollars to put mouse ears and whiskers on a Bugatti Veyron, the most expensive car in the world.  He then played the “sketch” to The Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” which costs NBC crazy money in royalties.  He then remarked that it would cost NBC to re-air the clip online.  NBC took heed of this warning and the clip has not appeared on either Hulu or NBC.com.  That’s why we’ve found an embed from someone else who uploaded it and included the video after the jump!

[The part with the Bugatti joke begins at around 2:04 remaining]