NBC Terminates – at Least for Now – Plans for PRIME SUSPECT Remake

     February 25, 2010

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It’s probably good for my fairly under control blood pressure that as I’m first hearing about this idiocy, it also comes with word that NBC has – for now at least – shelved it, and for the best possible reason.  Yes, the network whose last big brilliant idea was putting Jay Leno in prime time five nights a week (how’d that work out, guys?) was actually considering a remake of the sublime BBC police procedural Prime Suspect.

And I can certainly understand the temptation. For sheer intensity matched with characters you actually care about, only The Wire and – at its best – NYPD Blue have even come close to matching Prime Suspect on this side of the pond, and almost all of the credit for that has to go Dame Helen Mirren. Of all the characters of the last 20 years or so, on big screen or small, very few have been taken over as completely as Mirren dived directly into the role of Jane Tennyson and made it entirely her own. And it’s apparently their belated realization of just how impossible it would be to replace her that finally led NBC to abandon this madness.  More after the jump:

Unable to find the right actress for this, which was being written by Without a Trace creator Hank Steinberg, NBC has now shelved it until at least June, according to the Hollywood Reporter, and here’s hoping forever. If I had to name one actress who could pull this off, the only name that even comes to mind is Anjelica Huston, but as great as she is, I can’t even see that working, if God forbid she’d even be interested. Can you see anyone who could pull this off, and would you really ever want them to

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