NBC’s CHUCK Might Return this Month!

     October 9, 2009


While I hate watching NBC take a beating each week in the ratings, there is one great thing that might come out of it…an early return of “Chuck”! According to EW’s Michael Ausiello, NBC is considering bringing back “Chuck” later this month! If you remember, “Chuck” wasn’t scheduled to return until next March.

But the news gets better. With NBC doing so bad, if “Chuck” returns this month and the ratings were good, instead of only 13 episodes, the network could order the back nine and we’d get a full season. As a huge fan of “Chuck”, I’m extremely happy to report this news. Of course, if and when the network makes a decision, I’ll let you know. Also, no word on what day or time the show would get. As long as it’s not Friday’s, I don’t care. Fridays = death.