Neil Patrick Harris Wins Big At Last Night’s Emmys without a Best Supporting Actor Statue

     September 21, 2009


Of course it’s a crime that Neil Patrick Harris didn’t win for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy at last night’s Emmys (click here for a list of who won in the major categories).  But it’s okay because judging from all the coverage of last night’s broadcast, he won the night.  The response he’s gotten hasn’t just been a shrugging “Well, it was better than last year’s endless torture of five reality-show hosts…” but a standing ovation for his energy and humor.  It makes me wish I could watch the broadcast but without the awards.  Just let it be the “Neil Patrick Harris Variety Hour(s)”.

Well, I kind of got my wish because some clips featuring NPH’s great work have started popping up online so if you want to see his opening song-and-dance number or Dr. Horrible breaking into the live feed, hit the jump.