DISTRICT 9 Director Neill Blomkamp Shoots Mysterious Video for Wired iPad Edition

     November 23, 2010


Collider reader “Vradst” sent us a link to an interesting video this morning.  Vradst tells us that he/she bought the latest issue of Wired Magazine for the iPad and that in place of the usual digital animation that accompanies the issue, there was a mysterious video shot by District 9 director Neill Blomkamp.  The video shows a couple of guys with a handheld camera discovering a dead, strange-looking creature on the side of the road.  The creature has been marked with a stamp that reads “18.12 AGM Heartland Pat Pend USA” with the outer-circle reading “US Inspected and Approved”.

Hit the jump to check out the video and a refresher on Blomkamp’s potential follow-up, Elysium.

Thanks to Vradst for the heads-up.

In June, while The Hobbit was still looking for a director to replace Guillermo del Toro, Blomkamp’s name came up as a possible replacement.  However, Blomkamp’s camp said that he was committed to working on a sci-fi script called Elysium.  Nothing was known about the film other than it took place on another planet.  Of course, it’s still possible this video is teasing Elysium since scripts change and stories evolve.  This could also be for a completely different movie or something else entirely.  And while it would be awesome if he were teasing District 10, Blomkamp has said his next movie will be sci-fi but it won’t be a sequel to District 9.



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