Your Favorite CW Shows May Soon Be Available on Netflix Faster

     June 20, 2016


It’s been impressive to watch The CW find its voice over the last few years, considering the station was a creative dead zone for a large part of its early existence, for reason not entirely under the control of Warner Bros. and CBS, the network’s parent companies. Originally, there weren’t much of any risks being taken really, and when the network attempted to replicate the hits of more established networks, the product rarely hit the sweet spot of being both familiar and inventive. In the post-Twilight era, however, they picked up supernatural melodramas like The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, and the network became the kind of place for fans of more adult-themed soap operas. Then DC housed Arrow and The Flash under their banner, and now the network has at least one great show – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – and a possible humongous hit-in-waiting with the second season of Supergirl.

hulu-logoFor fans of a lot of these shows that have done away with cable, however, the last few seasons have been a pain. Though the first season of The Flash was regularly available, keeping up with season 2 of the show remained an issue on streaming platforms, with Hulu proving incredibly hit and miss with what they offered. The same thing goes for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, as both were put under the rolling-five rubric, which allows for only five episodes of the season to be allowed at once. Well, now, that might be changing for the better. After reports came in last week that discussions had ended between The CW and Hulu without an amicable deal being made, it now looks that in-season streaming for CW series will be largely handled by the CW’s own website, with broader streaming strategy leaning in favor of a tentative new model with Netflix.