Netflix Aims to Scare You in Trailer for New Docuseries ‘Broken’

     November 13, 2019


Netflix has released its first trailer for new documentary series, Broken. And this one looks to scare you into never buying any synthetic product ever again. The streaming service has released some wildly popular docuseries over the past few years. Making a Murderer was a cultural sensation in its first season. It was followed by other binge-worthy series like Flint Town, Wild Wild Country, Last Chance U, and the recent The Devil Next Door.

But this one looks to be targeting every consumer from all socioeconomic classes. Here’s an official summary of the series:

Broken is a new investigative documentary series that identifies and deconstructs the systems that make consumer products vulnerable to fraud, corruption, and negligence – often at the expense of public health and safety. The series uncovers the truth behind the consumer price of the vaping industry, counterfeit cosmetics, plastics and fast furniture.

If you’ve followed the news lately, you’ve seen the sudden terror vaping has brought upon today’s youth following a surge in deaths reported as a result of the traditional cigarette alternative. And who among us isn’t privy to the reality that plastics are probably doing more damage to our bodies than we can even imagine?

The investigative series appears to dig deep into how and why certain products remain on the shelves, highlighting the negligence and deceit at the core of these industries. Like any documentary, there’s an angle to it—a perspective that’s likely more black and white than it is grey, even if some questions are left unanswered. The hope is that the filmmakers’ sincere intent is the well-being of the public, not a merely a manipulative corporate takedown for the sake of a political ideology.

Broken is executive produced by Christopher Collins, who has been behind series such as Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, MeatEater, and The Hunt with John Walsh. Rotten’s Chris Cechin-De La Rosa also is an executive producer.

Check out the trailer below.

The series premieres on November 27.