Dracula, a Vampire You May Have Heard of, Has a New BBC/Netflix Miniseries Trailer

     October 28, 2019


Count Dracula. Ever heard of him? For over a hundred years, Bram Stoker‘s creation has stunned and terrified us all. The mythologies and images behind Dracula have inspired not only direct film and TV adaptations, like Francis Ford Coppola‘s visually wild 1992 work, or the best movie ever made Dracula 2000, but basically wrote the rulebook for how we view vampires. Now, Netflix and the BBC has a teaser for a new miniseries on the count called, appropriately, Dracula. And while you may not think we need a new take on the classic blood-sucker, we encourage you to hold your judgments until you watch the teaser. It, truly, looks fucked up in all the best ways.

The new three-episode miniseries, which promises a classic, period take on Drac, comes from Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, who previously rebooted two other British properties with wild success: Doctor Who and Sherlock. They imbued those long-running franchises with frank modernism and magnetic performers, making stars out of David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch, respectively. Based on the raucous, quick-cut imagery jam-packed into this teaser, it looks as though Gatiss and Moffat ain’t holding anything back. And we’re willing to bet that Claes Bang (The Square), the Danish actor tapped to play the Count, is hoping some of that “Gatiss/Moffat turning European actors into stars” energy rubs off on him as he sinks his fangs into the role — and into hapless victims like The Crown‘s John Heffernan, who plays Dracula’s foe, Jonathan Harker.


Image via BBC/Netflix

But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you’re a jaded horror fan who’s tired of reboots and existing properties. We get it! And we still encourage you to watch this teaser. The imagery hinted at in this thing drips with blood, bonkers body horror (that fingernail shot is TOO MUCH), and a general sense of hedonistic, Hellraiser-esque mixture of pain and pleasure. It looks like Gatiss and Moffat tricked Netflix and BBC into letting them make a gonzo horror show. And if after all of this you still feel skeptical, this natural omen might intrigue you. Gatiss tweeted that on the last day of filming, while setting up the last shot, an actual bat flew into the studio! If Dracula is good enough for bats, which friggin’ Dracula himself can turn into, it’s good enough for you.

Check out the official Dracula teaser below, if you dare. For more on all things blood-suckingly spooky, here’s our list of the 25 best vampire movies ever made.