Netflix Now Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch

     August 26, 2010


Although I wouldn’t watch a movie on an iPod Touch or an iPhone, you can now do so if you wish if you own one or both of the apple products and have a Netflix membership.  Netflix announced today via its blog that the free Netflix app that was announced back in June is available starting today.  Netflix released an app earlier this year for the iPad when the device first launched.  I thought the app looked very slick and cool, and I could easily see myself using a lot if I owned an iPad. Having said that, there are a couple of differences in inches between an iPad screen and an iPhone/iPod Touch screen and I really think that viewing something on such a little window is robbing you of a film’s full enjoyment.

However, I know that a lot of people are fine with watching stuff on their iPhone and if you’re one of those people all you have to do is visit the app store, download the free app, and within a few seconds you will be able to stream any of the films and TV shows that are available in their massive Watch Instantly section.  Even if I’m not a fan of watching movies on your phone, you can’t deny that this is pretty cool and another indication that being able to stream movies and TV shows will only become more and more popular in the future.  After the jump, you can watch the classic video of David Lynch giving his thoughts about watching a movie in the palm of your hand.



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