Netflix Quickly Disposes of Qwikster

     October 10, 2011


Netflix may be in a panic.  The company upset many of its customers back in July by splitting its DVD and Streaming business and charging separately for both (a backlash I thought was unwarranted).  A few weeks ago, the company tried to apologize for how they revealed the new pricing plan only to shoot themselves in the foot by announcing “Qwikster”, a re-titling of their DVD-by-mail program that didn’t win over those who were previously unhappy and irritated the loyal customers who would lose integration between their queues.  The only upside of the announcement was that Netflix would start renting video games.

Netflix has now changed course again by having CEO Reed Hastings announce on the company’s official blog that Qwikster is no more.  The company also reaffirmed their commitment to no more price changes even though they shouldn’t make promises they can’t keep.  While I won’t mourn Qwikster, I am curious to see if Netflix will still try to add video game rentals to its business.



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