Netflix Inks 4-Film Deal with Mark and Jay Duplass

     January 23, 2015


Netflix continues to announce itself as a major player in the entertainment business, not just that place where you binge-watch Breaking Bad.  The streaming service has signed filmmaking brothers Mark and Jay Duplass to create four small budget feature films exclusively for Netflix.  It’s kind of the perfect pairing, as the Duplass Brothers first made a splash at Sundance with a micro-budget short film Scrapple before going on to make a series of low-budget films that became known as “mumblecore”.

Their penchant for character-centric stories told on a small scale with lots of improvisation means they could easily craft four movies for Netflix, and the duo aren’t on any timetable with the streaming service so they can still devote time to their new HBO series Togetherness.  Mark is also poised to return for a final season of the FX comedy show The League, so it may be a little while before they roll cameras on their first Netflix movie.

This is just the latest in a series of moves by Netflix that see the streaming service branching its original content out into the world of feature films.  They previously signed Adam Sandler to a four-film deal of his own, and with the Duplass Brothers also in the mix it’s clear they’re aiming for a variety of different movies.  An interesting prospect for sure, but I’ll be curious to see how the various film studios react when further Neflix Feature Films announcements arrive—I’m sure this is only the beginning.