Netflix’s ‘Space Force’ Trailer Reveals Steve Carell’s ‘The Office’ Reunion

     May 5, 2020


Netflix has released the first Space Force trailer for the upcoming comedy series starring Steve Carell. The half-hour show is actually a bit of a The Office reunion, as it was created by Carell and U.S. The Office creator/showrunner Greg Daniels. The latter serves as showrunner on the series while Carell executive produces, writes, and stars as a four-star general who is assigned to lead the newly formed sixth branch of the military, Space Force. He uproots his family and moves to a remote base to do his best to put his team of scientists and “Spacemen” to good use, but chaos ensues.

Judging by this trailer, Space Force is very much a satire, and it’s quite different from Daniels’ other shows (Parks and Rec and the recently launched Upload on Amazon)—there’s even a stand-in for congresswoman A.O.C. It’ll be interesting to see how much politics plays a role in the series, but regardless there’s still some absolute shenanigans in store as the trailer finds Carell’s character breaking out into song. And this cast? Incredible. I’m excited.

Check out the Space Force trailer below followed by a short Q&A between Carell and Daniels on how the series came about, provided by Netflix. The series also stars John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Lisa Kudrow, Jane Lynch, Noah Emmerich, Jimmy O Yang, Diana Silvers, and Tawny Newsome. Space Force premieres on Netflix on May 29th.

STEVE CARELL: Space Force came around in a rather atypical way. Netflix had this premise that they thought might make a funny show — the idea made everybody laugh in a meeting, an idea of a show about the origins of a fictitious Space Force. I heard about the idea through my agent, and Netflix pitched the show to me, and then I pitched the show to Greg, and we all had the same reaction to it. There was no show, there was no idea aside from the title. Netflix asked, ”Do you want to do a show called Space Force?” And I pretty much immediately said, “Well yeah, sure. That sounds great.” And then I called Greg, and I said, “Hey, you want to do a show called Space Force?” And he said, “Yeah, that sounds good. Let’s do it.” And it was really based on nothing, except this name that made everybody laugh. So we were off and running.

GREG DANIELS: After that call, we had a bunch of creative sessions where we brainstormed at Steve’s house, outlining who his character would be and what pressures would be on him, and what we wanted to say about the notion of making space more military. We realized that the story had beautiful visuals and a mythic quality, and it echoed some of America’s best moments. It had a lot of heroism and yet it also had a strong satirical element. Suddenly everybody has realized that there are riches to be had on the moon, and we’ve got to stake our claim. It feels like there’s now a scramble to colonize space. The contrast between that and the super hopeful early days of NASA, when it was just such an achievement for all of mankind to get a person on the moon, is a good subject for satire.


Image via Netflix

CARELL: Once we had just the concept of Space Force itself, Greg and I sat down and we asked, “Well, what’s the show going to be? What will it be about?” And we landed on the idea that it should be about the inception of Space Force. It should be about the person who is entrusted with the development, the creation of a new branch of the Armed Forces. And my character, General Mark R. Naird, is the person who’s drafted into creating this branch.

DANIELS: We wanted to make sure that we were being accurate and more than respectful — I would say complimentary — of the military virtues that Steve’s character holds. We have astronaut advisors, science advisors, and our military advisor, Mark Vazquez, has been very useful in teaching us about military behavior. Both Steve and I have relatives in the military who we love and respect, and hope are going to enjoy watching the show.


Image via Netflix