New ‘Adventure Time’ Specials Coming to HBO Max, In Case You Need Some Pure Joy

     October 23, 2019


Life is hard. We could all use some good news. So we’re just gonna give it to you straight: Adventure Time is getting four brand new specials on HBO Max starting in 2020. The collection is called, as a whole, Adventure Time: Distant Lands, and each special within focuses on a new character in Pendleton Ward‘s imaginative, hilarious, and heartwarming world. Can’t you just feel your dang heart growing three sizes bigger?

If you’ve never seen Adventure Time, holy cannoli are you in for a treat. The animated series followed a little boy named Finn (Jeremy Shada) and his best friend/dog/brother Jake (John DiMaggio) as they adventured across multi-colored worlds and met all kinds of engaging, hilarious, and surprisingly deep characters. For 10 seasons on Cartoon Network, Adventure Time blended surreal humor with emotional richness masterfully, accruing an audience that spread the gamut from children to adults and everyone in between. We, for one, are very excited about the story continuing on HBO Max.


Image via HBO Max

And so are the people in charge of HBO Max! “The enchanted world of Adventure Time has mesmerized viewers and critics alike as Finn and Jake right wrongs and battle evil,” stated head of HBO Max’s content Sarah Aubrey in a press release. “The addition of these specials to the HBO Max kids and family programming lineup is sure to make kids everywhere say ‘Slam-bam-in-a-can!'” Now, if you didn’t say that literally when you heard the news, we think you’re still going to be allowed to watch the character-driven specials, but we can’t be sure. As to the move from Cartoon Network to HBO Max, it looks like there’s no bad blood. Rob Sorcher, chief content officer of Cartoon Network Studios, said that “Producing Adventure Time: Distant Lands for HBO Max will allow our studio to explore this beloved world in an all-new format.”

What’s this “new format” Sorcher speaks of? Each special will focus on a different beloved character from the Adventure Time universe. In fact, check out the four official synopses for each Distant Lands special below and see for yourself. For more on Adventure Time, check out our review of the final seasons on DVD.

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