New ‘American Animals’ Trailer Further Reveals Stylish Heist Thriller Starring Evan Peters

     May 8, 2018


The Orchard has released a new trailer for the unique heist thriller American Animals. Directed by Bart Layton, the filmmaker behind the compelling documentary The Imposter, the film is based on the true story of four friends who attempted to execute one of the most daring heists in U.S. history, stealing a rare book from a college library’s secure archives. Layton’s take on the subject matter, however, is a brilliant blend of fiction and non-fiction, as the actors’ true life counterparts appear sporadically throughout the film as talking heads, providing hindsight-infused context to the boneheaded actions of these four privileged white dudes.

This trailer does a great job of showcasing Layton’s gorgeous shot composition, as well as the terrific performances from Evan Peters and Barry Keoughan. Peters in particular is fantastic here, in a performance that’s further proof that this guy should be a movie star already.

Check out the new American Animals trailer below. The film also stars Ann Dowd, Blake Jenner, and Jared Abrahamson and opens in theaters on June 1st.

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