New Animated STAR WARS Series Will (Probably) Feature Characters from Original Trilogy

     April 19, 2010

Steve Sansweet, LucasFilm Director of Fan Relations, Star Wars.jpg

We reported earlier this month that LucasFilm is developing a new Star Wars TV series, which would be an animated comedy.  During a Q&A session at C2E2 on Saturday Steve Sansweet, LucasFilm’s Director of Fan Relations, revealed that this new animated series would feature the post-Return of the Jedi adventures of the original characters. It happened when a fan asked, “I would really love to see new adventures after Jedi with our favorite characters Luke, Han and Leia,” to which Sansweet replied, “And you will, in the new animation.”  (via IGN)

This is news which will probably make many fans glad and many other fans quite worried.  Given what Lucas did to Obi-Wan, R2-D2, C-3PO and Yoda in the the prequels, I wish that he would just leave Luke, Han and Leia alone.

But after the Q&A, in an interview with ForceCast, Sansweet seemed to backtrack and insisted that he was “in the dark” and did not know exactly what would the new series would be about.  He said that it could possibly feature “characters from the original trilogy, the prequels [or] new characters,” but that it will most likely be a mix of all of the above.  For more on what Sansweet does know about the series, hit the jump.

Star Wars Darth Vader (3).jpgHere are some other interesting tidbits about the series, all from ForceCast’s interview with Sansweet:

— Contrary to what has been widely reported, Robot Chicken‘s Seth Green and Matthew Senreich are not “at the helm” of the show, but are merely “creative consultants”
— One of the writers is also a writer on The Daily Show
— George Lucas “got some ideas” for character design from the Galactic Heroes line of toys
— The show is a comedy, but it is not a sit-com
— It is intended for “all ages/all audiences”

Trying to give an idea of what to expect from the series, Sansweet said that it will be about what happens “behind the scenes” in the Star Wars universe. For example, “what happens when Princess Leia gets up from a long nap.”  (You can judge for yourself if that’s the kind of “further adventure” you want to see those beloved characters having.)

In related news, Sansweet also indicated that there is currently no forward motion on the planned live action Star Wars series.