Poll: Who Should Be the New Batman in the DCEU If Ben Affleck Exits?

     July 21, 2017

I know I know, we’re jumping the gun here. Reports have only just surfaced that Warner Bros. may be making plans for Ben Affleck to exit the DC Extended Universe as Batman after his turn in this fall’s Justice League. But with director Matt Reeves starting work on The Batman and the DCEU moving full speed ahead, we figured we’d offer up some choices and put it to a vote—if Affleck does exit, who should take up the cape and cowl?

It’s important to keep in mind that Warner Bros. could go a number of ways with this. It could be a Batman Forever scenario in which a new actor takes over the role, but it’s still supposed to be the same Bruce Wayne, in which case Affleck’s replacement would be an actor of similar age. Or Warner Bros. could be setting it up so that Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne literally passes on the cowl to a new character onscreen in the DCEU, which would mean we’d get a Batman who is not Bruce Wayne, and who is potentially younger.

So below we’ve put together a diverse list of possibilities, and we’re eager to hear from you. If Affleck vacates the role, who should get the job? Here’s our list, followed by the poll.


Idris Elba

Hugh Dancy

Matt Damon

Brad Pitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Garrett Hedlund

Jack O’Connell

Jon Hamm

Mahershala Ali

Jack Lowden

Glen Powell

Wyatt Russell

Joel Edgerton

Christopher Abbott

Joe Manganiello

Armie Hammer

Trevante Rhodes

Thomas Jane

Edgar Ramirez

Bradley Cooper

Karl Urban

Richard Armitage

Kyle Chandler

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Clive Owen


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