New, Full-Length ‘Captive State’ Trailer Imagines an Earth under Alien Rule

     December 12, 2018


Focus Features and Participant Media have released a new, full-length trailer for the upcoming sci-fi film Captive State. Directed and co-written by Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Gambler helmer Rupert Wyatt, the film takes place in Chicago 10 years after extraterrestrials landed on Earth and instituted an occupational rule. The aliens are now fascist overlords, with humans split into two factions: those who cooperate “for the greater good” and those who resist. So yeah, it’s an alien invasion movie about fascism.

The previous trailers have only given a small taste of what this movie actually is, but this new trailer finally shows off the full picture—and it looks interesting! Honestly all you had to say was Moonlight actor Ashton Sanders in a gritty sci-fi movie and I was in, but Wyatt does appear to be traversing very political territory here, and the world building feels unique and compelling.

Check out the new Captive State trailer below, followed by a new poster and some new images. The film also stars John Goodman, Jonathan Majors, Colson Baker, and Vera Farmiga. Captive State opens in theaters on March 29, 2019.

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