New ‘Christopher Robin’ Trailer Teases a Heartwarming Adventure That’s Kinda Like ‘Hook’

     May 25, 2018


Disney has released a new trailer for the upcoming film Christopher Robin, which is an updated live-action spin on the Winnie the Pooh franchise. Ewan McGregor plays the titular Christopher Robin, who is now all grown up and haunted by traumas he endured during World War II. But when his old playmates from the Hundred Acre Wood find him again, his life is thrown for a loop. Finding Neverland and World War Z filmmaker Marc Forster directs the film from a script by Allison Schroeder and Alex Ross Perry.

This is a much better trailer than the one that first debuted, and while the Hook comparisons remain, it’s clear this story also goes off into its own direction as the characters from the Hundred-Acre Wood make their way into our world and wreak adorable havoc on Christopher’s life. On a foundational level this looks to be a heartwarming story with a little heartache mixed in for good measure, and it very much seems like the versatile Forster is back in Finding Neverland mode for this one. It’ll be interesting to see how audiences respond since this isn’t a straight redo like Beauty and the Beast or Jungle Bookbut I do like that Disney is somewhat mixing things up with their live-action films.

Check out the new trailer below followed by some new images. The film also stars Hayley AtwellMark Gatiss, and Bronte Carmichael and features the voices of Jim CummingsChris O’DowdBrad Garrett, and Nick MohammedChristopher Robin opens on August 3rd.

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