New Coen Brothers Footage! 4 Movie Clips from A SERIOUS MAN

     September 8, 2009


In just a few short days, a new Coen Brothers movie will premiere at the Toronto Film festival! It’s called “A Serious Man” and just like the rest of the world, I cannot wait to see it. Anyway, to help promote the upcoming release, Focus Features has released 4 clips from the film and you can watch them after the jump. Since I am about to see the movie, I’m refusing to watch any additional footage that could give anything away. But if you need a Coen Brothers fix, I’ve provided the clips after the jump. Take a look:

Here’s the synopsis:

Things start to unravel for Larry Gopnik. His wife, Judith, may be having an affair and wants a divorce. His brother, Arthur, lives with them because he is emotionally and financially incapable of living on his own. His children, Danny and Sarah, sneak money from his wallet to by LPs and pot, or to save up for a nose job. Add to that an anonymous hostile letter writer trying to sabotage Larry’s chances for tenure at the university, while a graduate student tries to bribe him by sunbathing nude. Hoping for some equilibrium in his life, Larry finally seeks advice from three very different rabbis.

“A Serious Man” stars Michael Stuhlbarg, Richard Kind, Fred Melamed, Aaron Wolf, Peter Breitmayer.

And one last thing, I’ve started posting film clips in a new way. Since the site runs pre-roll (it pays for all the bandwidth we use), I’ve started posting all the clips in one video. What that means is, once you push play, you’ll probably have to sit through one commercial and then all the clips will play in order.


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