You Can Buy a 100-Page ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Comic Based on the CW Crossover

     December 5, 2019


From December 8 through December 10, the CW is giving comic book fans quite the holiday gift: A multi-series spanning crossover adaptation of the iconic Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline from DC. On the 8th, Supergirl begins part one. On the 9th, Batwoman takes part two. And on the 10th, The Flash finishes with part three. Is that enough Crisis on Infinite Earths content for you? Of course not! That’s why DC is giving us a giant, 100-page Crisis on Infinite Earths comic based directly on the CW crossover, only at Wal-Mart.

The new comic book comes from original Crisis author Marv Wolfman and current CW Crisis showrunner Marc Guggenheim, featuring an instantly iconic (and tragic!) cover from original Crisis artist George Perez. The first issue will also feature the first Crisis issue in full, alongside an excerpt from issue #7. Guggenheim explained the purpose of the new issue in further, tantalizing detail.


Image via DC

The story that we’re attempting to tell with our interpretation of Crisis on Infinite Earths is so ambitious, we couldn’t confine it to five hours. I’m incredibly excited that we’re getting the chance to tell an ‘in canon’ story that ties directly into the crossover narrative. The comics will enable us to include characters and concepts that couldn’t be included in the crossover, plus the chance to collaborate further with original Crisis architect Marv Wolfman is just icing on the cake.

It’s really an interesting, exciting, sometimes-intimidating time to be a fan of comics. Storytellers are becoming more empowered to mess with the format and multimedia components of their narratives, and it’s so interesting to hear that Guggenheim and Wolfman’s new issue will be “in canon” to the CW story. Alongside Kevin Feige‘s insistence that fans will now have to follow the new Disney+ series to fully understand the MCU moving forward, we’re in a golden age of comic book screen adaptation experimentation.

The first issue of the special 100-page Crisis on Infinite Earths drops in participating Wal-Marts December 15, 2019. Issue two will come January 19, 2020. For more on this bonkers TV event, check out the first trailer for the experience. Plus — here’s Kevin Conroy as on-screen Bruce Wayne. And finally, here’s a bunch of dang images to get your appetite moving.