Heroes: Predicting the New DC Movies Slate

     January 23, 2018

On this episode of Collider Heroes, Jon Schnepp, Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson discuss the following:

Superhero News

  • The panel addresses a rumor swirling about what the DC movies slate might look like right now.
  • That report also claims that a new slate of movies is going to be announced in the near future.

Minor Mutations

  • In an Interview with Total Film, Black Panther director Ryan Coogler says that Marvel was interested in making the Black Panther character their “James Bond.”
  • At the Producers Guild of America awards it was announced that Wonder Woman 2 will be the first production to adopt the new PGA sexual harassment guidelines.
  • According to Spoiler TV, The Inhumans has disappeared entirely from ABC’s press site. Does this mean the show is finally cancelled?
  • In the mid-season premiere of The Flash, Earth-15 was name-dropped. Does this mean that Superboy Prime will be making an appearance in an upcoming episode?
  • According to That Hashtag Show, longtime casting director Sarah Finn is on the hunt for a European actress in her 20s to play a “femme fatale” in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2.
  • Warners Bros. confirmed that the Justice League Blu-ray will include a special feature called “The Return of Superman.”
  • On the latest episode of Marvel’s Agents of Shield, the show revealed that the team is stuck in a time loop and that Daisy Johnson is responsible for the end of the Earth in the future.
  • According to The Daily Mail, Marvel’s Black Widow movie is targeting a release date in 2020.
  • In an interview with Variety at Sundance, Nicolas Cage would not rule out the possibility of being in a superhero film again.
  • Photos surfaced on Just Jared of Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders on the Atlanta set of a Marvel Studios film. Which one could it be?

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Image via Disney/Marvel