New Featurette for Robert Zemeckis’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL

     October 16, 2009


Yahoo! Movies just ran a new featurette called “Behind the Scenes: Perfect Partnership” for Disney’s animated “A Christmas Carol.”  The Charles Dickens adaptation/remake is the latest film in Robert Zemeckis’ CG stint, following “The Polar Express” and “Beowulf.”  Those last two unsettled audiences by residing pretty safely in some “uncanny valley” territory, but he seems to be avoiding it this time by going a little less realistic.  Consequently, if you ask me, the aesthetics of this new one seem a little too like a video game.  Check out the featurette, with some stellar footage and select quotes from Robert Zemeckis and star Jim Carey, after the jump.

Also, a wikipedia article on the uncanny valley for anyone who might be curious.


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