A New ‘Half-Life’ Game Is Coming, and It’s Coming to VR

     November 18, 2019


In 1998, Valve Software changed the video game landscape forever with Half-Life, an influential horror-fueled first-person shooter that pushed the limits of technology and video game narratives. Six years later, they expanded even further with Half-Life 2. Two years after that, they released two self-contained “episodes” continuing the Half-Life 2 story, with the promise of a third on the horizon. And then… silence. No new Half-Life game, tons of fan demand. Now, finally, out of nowhere, Valve has tweeted out the next chapter in the saga. It’s called Half-Life: Alyx, named ostensibly after a Half-Life 2 character. And it’s coming not to traditional PC and console systems like the previous entries… but to VR.


Image via Valve Corporation

Not much else is known about the upcoming game except for its title — after all, Valve just now decided to let everyone know it exists. They also teased that full details (and perhaps even a glimpse of footage?) will be disseminated into the public November 22, 10am PST. The game marks Valve’s first entry into the VR space, and if anyone can tame this still semi-nascent technology, it’s the masters at Valve who gave us instantly iconic games like Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2Portal, and Left 4 Dead. I’m sure many fans will be breathily anticipating and speculating what the title means and how it all fits into the oft-complicated and splintered Half-Life universe. As for me? I’ll just be happy if I can smash a dang headcrab with a dang crowbar in dang VR. I’m a simple man who enjoys simple pleasures.

Check out Valve’s spicy Half-Life: Alyx tweet below, and be on the lookout for more information November 22. For more in the world of video game developments, check out how Logitech and Xbox are working together to make gaming more accessible. Plus, check out our impressions of VR games Avengers: Damage Control and Creed: Rise to Glory.


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