‘Halloween’ Filming Begins as First Set Photo Released

     January 30, 2018


After a delay or two, production is now officially underway on the new Halloween movie. Now this isn’t just any old sequel—Busta Rhymes does not have a role, and there is no kung fu. Instead, the idea for this new Halloween came from Danny McBride and filmmaker David Gordon Green, who previously worked together on Pineapple Express and the HBO series Eastbound & Down and Vice Principals. McBride and Green wrote the screenplay and Green will direct, but before you go assuming they’re making a comedy out of the franchise, know that this is anything but.

Green’s background as a director is actually incredibly diverse, ranging from the silly comedy of Pineapple Express to the quiet drama of Prince Avalanche to the uniquely intimate and emotional Jake Gyllenhaal-fronted Stronger. He’s a versatile filmmaker, and even Vice Principals showed off a wide range of tones that worked incredibly well, so one imagines he can do horror incredibly well.

We don’t know much about the story of this new Halloween other than the fact that it’s a sequel that disregards all Halloween films after the first Halloween II. Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie Strode, Judy Greer plays her daughter, and the film will introduce Laurie’s granddaughter as presumably another potential victim for Michael Myers. The whole thing is being produced by Blumhouse Productions, so all signs point to this being a scaled-down, artful, and immensely scary venture. As if that wasn’t enough, John Carpenter is involved as a producer and may or may not be providing the music.

So production is now underway in South Carolina, and hopes are high that Green and McBride “reboot” this franchise with vigor. I’ve got faith. Check out the first look at present day Laurie Strode in the new Halloween movie image below. The film opens in theaters on October 19th.

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