New Images and Info from Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION

     April 11, 2010


Two set photos and two new images from Christopher Nolan’s Inception have landed online.  Described by Hero Complex as “Hollywood’s first existential heist film,” the flick certainly looks different and you have to take time to applaud a big budget film that’s not based on an existing property (although Nolan will follow up Inception with Batman 3).

Hit the jump to check out the new images plus remarks on the film by stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, and Cillian Murphy.  Inception hits theaters on July 16th.

Here’s what DiCaprio had to say about the unconventional narrative:

“Complex and ambiguous are the perfect way to describe the story,” DiCaprio said in a recent phone interview. “And it’s going to be a challenge to ultimately pull it off. But that is what Chris Nolan specializes in. He has been able to convey really complex narratives that work on a multitude of different layers … and make it entertaining and engaging throughout. You look at ‘Insomnia’ or ‘Memento,’ these movies are working on so many different levels. That’s his expertise; it’s what he does best, as a matter of fact.”

Murphy remarks that Inception goes places that other fantasy films can’t because Inception is set in the mind:

“It’s the fantasy world, but it’s the one that the mind itself can create or fall into, so the audience can access it in a different way than these other movies where you go to another planet or something,” Murphy said. “It’s the place the mind goes, and it’s often very dark and always interesting.”

As for Page, she talks about how the story, as complex as its setting may be, doesn’t confound and is always grounded in a “tangible realism” that makes the film feel honest despite its surreal tone:

“There’s a tangible realism even when it gets crazy, and somehow that makes the jeopardy feel more real,” Page said. “It’s like reading a Haruki Murakami novel — it’s fantasy, but instead of feeling like some strange surreal world it feels very honest. The emotional spine of the story is there too, which is the key to his movies. There’s the big scale, but the sincerity isn’t left behind. The story is complicated but never confusing.”

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