New IRON MAN 2 Poster Keeps Floating Heads and Removes Mickey Rourke

     March 30, 2010


MySpace has posted a brand-spankin’ new poster for Paramount’s Iron Man 2 (they made a sequel?!–</sarcasm>), and it’ll be familiar to anyone who’s seen the other Iron Man 2 posters that have been released in anticipation of the superhero sequel: almost all the main cast members are represented, both Iron Man and War Machine are given space up top, and the May 7th release date is prominently displayed.  Check out the full poster after the jump along with my thoughts on it.


Well, it seems like someone over at Paramount has just discovered Photoshop, doesn’t it?  This poster comes on the heels of last week’s poster, and while it is a marginal improvement from that one– which featured Mickey Rourke at the center rather than a diving Iron Man– you’d be forgiven if you mixed up the two.  The anticipation for Iron Man 2 is running high these days, and one could make the argument that anyone that’s against going to see Iron Man 2 isn’t going to be persuaded by a poster, but…

Would it be crazy for Paramount to spend just ten more minutes putting these together?  Anyone with basic Photoshop skills could have put these together with a few publicity stills.  I loved the original Iron Man and want the sequel to kick ass, but Paramount needs to step up their posters to the level of the amazing trailers.

Stay tuned to as we’ll keep reporting all things Iron Man 2, which hopefully will include better posters.  If you’re feeling particularly moved by the poster above, feel free to post all thoughts, feelings, and Tony Stark-related poetry in the comments section below.

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