Yeah, I’m Thinking These Never-Before-Seen ‘John Wick’ Images Are Back

     May 8, 2020


Tonight, May 8, at 9pm EST, Lionsgate is offering a free, virtual cinema screening of John Wick, that contemporary action classic that shows what happens when you mess with Keanu Reeves‘ dog. In celebration of this wonderful opportunity to revisit (or visit for the first time) Chad Stahelski and David Leitch‘s raucous barn-burner of a film with an excited virtual audience, we’ve got some never-before-seen images from the sets of both the first Wick and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum — plus, a wonderful tribute video to the first film’s crew.

“You gotta have fun with this fuckin’ movie,” insists Reeves during this brief, BTS doc. And judging by these pics and footage, lots of fun was had during all their staging of mayhem and carnage. You’ll see Reeves yuckin’ it up with co-star Ian McShane. You’ll see crew members call each other “family” and hug each other. You’ll see McShane and Stahelski framed in front of one of the dopest backgrounds from Parabellum you’ll ever see. In these strange, pandemic-caused moments of uncertainty when it’s harder than ever to stay connected, these pics and clips remind us not only of cinema’s power to connect the consumers, but the artists who make it, too. Or, as Reeves eloquently puts it, “I miss you, I love you.”

Check the exclusive behind-the-scenes images from John Wickand below. For updates on the fourth installment, and a lot more goodies, here’s our full Collider Connected interview with Stahelski and Leitch. And for more info on how to stream it for free tonight, in a virtual cinema setup all for a good cause, click here and let the gun-fu madness overtake you.


Image via Lionsgate/Niko Tavernise


Image via Lionsgate/Niko Tavernise


Image via Lionsgate/David Lee

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