Wild ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 4 Trailer Has Magic, Homicidal Unicorns, & an Evil Stein Puppet

     October 16, 2018

legends-of-tomorrow-season-4-trailerThe CW has released an extended trailer for Legends of Tomorrow season 4 and words can’t quite express just how much of a straight-up, undiluted delight it is. While fellow CW DC series Arrow and The Flash are dangerously close to running out of ideas—they’re currently at the “idk, swap costumes?” stage—Legends seems to have so many ideas. Too many ideas. Legends of Tomorrow is bursting with candy-colored, genre-twisting ideas and this mere two-minute trailer cannot contain them. Watch it, rewind to the part where Brandon Routh flees with a corgi in his arms a few dozen times, and then watch the whole thing again.

The big news, of course, is the addition of Matt Ryan‘s John Constantine as a series regular, which brings a spooky flavor to the proceedings. (And, if the trailer is to be believed, the arrival of mossy DC Comics icon Swamp Thing.) But the other pretty significant news is that holy wow a unicorn kills someone, a homicidal puppet modelled after Victor Garber’s Martin Stein is attacking people with a butcher knife, and I’m pretty sure Godzilla is going to show up? Season looks wild, folks.

The premise of season 4 is that last year’s fantastic finale—all hail Beebo—opened up a gateway for all types of fantastic beasts to break through into our timeline. We’re talking fairy godmothers. We’re talking minotaurs. We’re talking a mustache straight from The Deuce that’s been transported on to Ray Palmer’s face.

Check out the trailer below. Legends of Tomorrow season 4—which also stars Caity Lotz, Dominic Purcell, Franz Drameh, Nick Zano, Tala Ashe, and Jes Macallan—premieres on The CW Monday, October 22.

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