New LOST Promo Set Up as World’s Longest Bedtime Story

     December 22, 2009


“Once upon a time…” begins this new promo for the sixth and final season of Lost and I can’t help but wonder: who is this being told to?  There are many ways to describe Lost but I wouldn’t put “Fairy Tale” near the top of the list.  Also, even if this were a fairy tale, I doubt it would put your kid to bed and you’d be up for days trying to tell it.

As expected, this new promo shows no footage from the upcoming season but I have no problem with that.  Staying spoiler-free on these final 18 episodes is going to be a challenge but I’m definitely up for it. Best of luck to everyone that’s waiting for the DVD.

Hit the jump to check out the promo.  The end begins with the Lost season premiere on February 2, 2010 at 8/7c on ABC.