‘The New Mutants’ Aims to Complete Reshoots This Year for a 2020 Release

     May 29, 2019


If you thought The New Mutants movie came and went and you somehow missed it in theaters, don’t worry; you have almost a year to wait before the oft-delayed-and-rescheduled film arrives in earnest. Some good news for New Mutants fans comes courtesy of producer Simon Kinberg, who confirms that the plan is to finish out the movie’s reshoots ahead of its new (and fourth) release date next spring.

In a chat with Digital Spy, Kinberg laid it out there: The reshoots had to be figured out and they have to get the cast back together; that’s about it. Originally slated to hit movie theaters in April 2018, and part of a plan to launch a horror-slanted trilogy of films in Fox’s X-Men movie-verse, a lot has changed in a very short time. The New Mutants was delayed a number of times for multiple reasons, mostly caused by necessary reshoots (which have been talked about in the press for more than a year now) and then by Disney’s buy-up of Fox, which complicated quite a few things. Will we finally see the finished film, in whatever form it’s become, next April 3rd?


Image via 20th Century Fox

That’s the plan as it stands now. As Kinberg said:

What’s happening is we’re gonna do reshoots this year on that film and it has a new release date from Disney. That’s really it. Part of it was figuring out what the reshoots were gonna be, the pick-ups, and the other part of it was getting that cast back together.

That cast includes Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Alice Braga, Charlie Heaton, and Henry Zaga.

Kinberg made a self-deprecating comment that said, essentially, that Marvel has their shit together when it comes to scheduling and budgeting for expected reshoots, making the process much easier. Fox, on the other hand, had been scrambling to get all the pieces back in play long after they’d been scattered from the board. The main thing comes down to scheduling, which is why MCU stars often have to pass on other projects:

It would seem simple on The New Mutants because they’re maybe not as big movie stars as the main X-Men movies, but all of them are on TV shows, so we’ve got to wait until they get off their shows and then they can all be in the same place at the same time. So that will be some time this year, we’ll do our pick-ups and the movie will come out.

We’ll see.

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