‘New Mutants’ Trailer Arriving in January

     December 23, 2019

Hey, remember The New Mutants? You’re forgiven if you don’t. We’ve only been reporting on the movie adaptation of the Marvel Comics property since, oh, 2012. That’s back when it was a 20th Century Fox production, well before Disney muddied the waters with the horror (or is it?) R-rated (or is it??) release. A lot has happened since then, so here’s a brief recap:

Josh Boone was set to direct the pic in 2015, moving the tone from a YA focus to “full-fledged horror movie” in 2017. The first trailer premiered that same year and everything seemed to be on the right track; it was even supposed to launch a new movie trilogy… then the wheels came off. The New Mutants was delayed due to reshoots aiming for a PG-13 rating. Then it was delayed again in early 2018. Not long after that, another round of reshoots were intended to go back to full-on horror, though by October 2018, they still hadn’t happened. Then, in early 2019, all Fox/Marvel movies were put on hold, and the Disney buyout of Fox basically explained why. The New Mutants slipped to a 2020 release date because of all the uncertainty and upheaval. And the last we heard, in May of this year, the plan was to finally complete those reshoots for the April 3, 2020 release. Until today!

In a completely disconnected Instagram post, Boone confirmed to a New Mutants fan group that a new trailer would be on the way this January. You’ll have to dig into the comments below, but it’s there, and it seems official:

I for one hope The New Mutants sees the light of day. It’s the last of the Fox-produced Marvel movies and could be a necessary palate-cleanser after the abomination that was Dark Phoenix. But will Disney lift a finger to do any sort of marketing for this adopted adaptation that just so happens to be lingering under their shiny new roof? I doubt it. Hopefully January’s trailer will give us an idea of just what sort of release The New Mutants will finally see.

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