Netflix Release Date Calendar: When Do New Original Series and Movies Arrive?

     April 24, 2018


Though every month we bring you a list of what is coming to and leaving Netflix, that includes all of the movies and TV series that the streaming giant as acquired for their back catalogue. What is equally important to keep track of is the crazy amount of original programming that Netflix is also producing. And while we may not know more than a month at a time how their overall library is changing, we do know pretty far in advance when Netflix-only series, movies, comedy specials, anime, kids programming, and documentaries are heading our way.

The release date calendar below includes all of those aforementioned categories (which are also noted below, because otherwise it’s just a lot of titles without context!) but notably only for Netflix’s global releases. Basically, Netflix acts as a non-U.S. distributor for plenty of U.S. series, like those on the CW among many others, but we’re just focused on productions that are Netflix-owned (or co-produced).

Take a look below at what’s coming up through 2019 and beyond, and prepare your weekends! We’ll be updating it constantly as Netflix provides new premiere dates, so bookmark and return often.