New Photos from Neil Marshall’s CENTURION Starring Michael Fassbender

     October 5, 2009


It’s time to strap on your sword and sandals and then take that sword, bury it in a barbarian’s skull, and make sure you don’t get any blood on your nice, clean sandals.  New photos from Neil Marshall’s bloody Roman-Pict battle flick, “Centurion” just landed online and while there’s no gore, star Michael Fassbender says, “There’s certainly a lot of head-chopping.”  He then goes on to say some stuff about modern-day parallels and ethos and things like that but he already made his sale at, “There’s certainly a lot of head-chopping.”

Hit the jump to read a brief synopsis and see the new photos which sadly feature no head-chopping but there’s still a lot of time for more photos since the film doesn’t hit theaters until some time in 2010.   So don’t hang your head over lack of pictures heads hanging off corpses.

Click here or on the images to see them embiggened.



For those just tuning in, here’s a brief synopsis:

The movie speculates on the fate of Rome’s reputedly ‘lost’ Ninth Legion, who in this take are north of Hadrian’s Wall, engaged in a bloody battle and facing a bit of trouble getting out of hostile Pict country.

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