November 11, 2009


Kick-Ass and Alice in Wonderland both have new posters online today.  The one for Kick-Ass continues the theme of how Lionsgate is selling the film: This isn’t a superhero parody but just because it’s set in the real world, doesn’t mean it can’t have a comic book flavor.  It works for me, but I’m aching to get a red-band trailer so I can get a sense of whatever folks saw at Comic-Con that caused them to go insane.

The new poster for Alice in Wonderland is the second part of the triptych after the release of the first piece of on Monday.  I misunderstood the concept and thought Monday’s poster was stand alone because it looked awful.  Knowing that it was part of a set of three wasn’t any better but it at least explained why Alice (Mia Wasikowska) or The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) weren’t present in the design.  But now Part 2 has arrived.  It looks great and it would even if it weren’t part of a triptych.  Alice is centered in the frame, the trees are closing in on her, and you have The Mad Hatter deep in the background where he can’t steal the spotlight.  That’s my big fear: with a name as big as Johnny Depp, they’re going to make this The Mad Hatter in Wonderland.  Of course, we have yet to see part three and we won’t until the new poster has 9,000 likes on Facebook.  Hit the jump to see both of the new posters.



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