Let’s Talk about Spider-Man in the New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer

     March 10, 2016


So Marvel released the official, full-length Captain America: Civil War trailer today, and not only did the stellar bit of marketing further preview the emotional stakes at the center of the film, it also gave us our first look at the brand new Spider-Man (despite Matt’s argument that it wasn’t a great idea). In an unprecedented move that most believed would never happen (myself included), Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures came to an agreement that sees them sharing the classic Marvel character. Spider-Man is now an official part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the ability to pop up in a number of MCU films from Avengers: Infinity War to Captain Marvel, while Sony gets to reboot its only comics property with the added bonus of bringing in MCU fans. Sony and Marvel are co-producing a new standalone Spider-Man film set for release in July 2017, but the character makes his first appearance in Civil War.

And so today, we got our very first look at what Spider-Man looks like with the full creative input of Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige. After a lengthy casting search that saw finalists like Asa Butterfield and Nat Wolff in the mix, Sony and Marvel settled on 19-year-old Tom Holland to fill the role of Peter Parker, and we know that he filmed scenes for Civil War, so that is definitely his voice we hear coming out of the Spidey suit at the end of the new trailer.

But what of the new suit? It’s hard to tell if that’s a performer on a soundstage or if this brief glimpse of Spider-Man is fully CG, but what we do see is that the eyes on the suit are expressive, which is a first for the franchise. Many folks have been guessing that when Spidey pops up in Civil War, it’s Tony Stark who builds his suit, and given the advanced tech necessary to make those expressive eyes, I’m willing to bet that’s not the invention of a high school student. Moreover, since Tony calls Parker “Underoos,” we can assume there’s some sort of rapport there already when Spidey swings into battle. Click on the images below for a high-resolution look at the suit:


Image via Marvel


Image via Marvel

The suit itself isn’t too radical a change from the comics, but one thing that is different is the new logo, which you can take a closer look at below:


Image via Marvel

I’m curious to know what specific influences this suit draws from. I’ll let those more familiar with Spider-Man history weigh in here, but there’s definitely a tech element that directly links the character to Tony, which already makes it quite a bit different from The Amazing Spider-Man and the Sam Raimi Spider-Man suits, which you can see below.


Image via Sony


Image via Sony


Image via Sony Pictures

How will Holland’s Spider-Man compare to the performances of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire? I’m a massive fan of what Garfield brought to his performances, but Marvel Studios really wanted to skew young with Spidey this time around, so we can expect this teenager to bring an interesting dynamic to the MCU fold. Moreover, the standalone Spider-Man film will focus on a high school-set story, something that Marvel and Sony hopes set it apart from the other Spider-Man movies.

Speaking of which, filmmaker Jon Watts—whose indie Cop Car debuted at Sundance last year—has been tasked with directing the untitled Spider-Man standalone with a script by Horrible Bosses and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone scribes John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. Casting only recently began in earnest as filming is set to get underway this summer, with Marisa Tomei attached to play Aunt May and Disney Channel alum Zendaya signing on this week in the supporting role of a character named Michelle. Indeed, reports suggest that Marvel and Sony are keen on casting heavily for non-white actors in the supporting roles for the film, so we could be on the cusp of seeing the most diverse Spider-Man film yet.

But before that movie hits theaters, we’ll get our own Spider-Man preview in Captain America: Civil War when that film opens on May 6th. We don’t know specifically how heavily Spidey figures into the plot, but it’s likely something of a glorified cameo with only a couple of scenes. This is a Captain America sequel after all.

So with the new Spider-Man now unveiled, we want to hear from you, dear readers. What do you think of this (very brief) first look at the character? How do you feel about the costume? Are the tech eyes a nice touch or a distracting addition? Sound off in the comments below.

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