A Family-Friendly Guide to All the Ooky, Spooky New Halloween Movies & Shows This Month

     October 9, 2020

Given the surfeit of commercially haunted real estate Halloween that’s come to occupy today’s pop culture landscape, you hardly need us to tell you there’ll be more spooky content available this month than any one person could watch in a whole year of Octobers. And yet, while everyone and their great aunt can expect to stumble on at least one Tim Burton marathon when flipping through Freeform’s annual 31 Nights of Halloween ghouls-travaganza, we recognize that the recent explosion of streaming services, matched with necessity of keeping a whole family entertained night after night during the pandemic, means plenty of families will be on the lookout for a dedicated guide to all the best non-scary Halloween programming across the board.

To that end, we’ve both rounded up 22 of the most wholesomely spooky series, movies, and special events scheduled to premiere this month, and highlighted the titles we’re most excited to add to our queue. We’ve also included a quick explainer to the scope of the Halloween collections available on various apps, for anyone looking for more general guidance.

The real world is scary enough as it is; we hope you’ll join us in taking small breaks to celebrate the season in the gentlest ways possible.

Note: The titles below are listed in order of release date. Some have premiered as of publication, others are set to air later in the month. If you miss anything scheduled to air on various broadcast networks across the next few weekends, make sure to check the network’s associated streaming app — everything should be available to stream within a day of air.