New ‘Stranger Things 3’ Poster Teases a Summer of Change

     June 6, 2019

Netflix has released a terrific new poster for Stranger Things 3, the third season of the wildly popular original series. Pre-release interviews from creators and showrunners The Duffer Brothers have honed in on “change” as a major theme of the new season, and indeed the tagline appears to be “One Summer Can Change Everything.” That’s a play not only on the approaching adolescence of the characters (hormones, amirite?), but also the fact that this new season takes place during the summer—a serious change of pace from the fall and winter settings of the first two seasons.

Looking a bit closer, the Starcourt Mall is front and center as the new major location for Season 3. Malls were, obviously, a major aspect of young life in the 80s and 90s, serving as a safe hangout spot for kids who weren’t old enough to drive, but who were old enough to want to get away from their parents for as long as possible. You’ve also got that pesky Mind Flayer creepin’ up on the characters, a “Fun Fair” of sorts being teased, and fireworks! Oh, and why is Billy (Dacre Montgomery) showcased in black-and-white, the colors of the Upside Down? Hmm, curious…

I’m really loving the bright and vibrant color palette being teased for Stranger Things 3, and while I can admit that nostalgia plays a big part in the appeal of this show, the fact of the matter is this series does nostalgia incredibly well. To that end, who wouldn’t want to jump back into the world of summer vacation as a teenager? Few responsibilities, tons of free time, and, again, fireworks? Yes please!

Check out the Stranger Things 3 poster below. The new season premieres on Netflix on July 4th.