New Teaser Trailer for the Final Season of DAMAGES

     June 15, 2012


Damages remains one of the most underrated, intensely twisted and addicting shows on TV. And for its final season, the series (which changed its home from FX to DirecTV last year) appears to be returning to its roots.

One of the most haunting and compelling images from the show’s first season was that of Ellen (Rose Byrne) covered in blood and running from her apartment (away from the bludgeoned corpse of her ill-fated fiancé). As is often the case with the show, intense imagery propels a season-long mystery, and in the new teaser trailer we see Ellen again bloody in the street, – this time not running, but seemingly lifeless. Hit the jump for the video and more about Damages‘ final season.

In the clip we are also introduced briefly to two new characters, played by Ryan Phillippe and Jenna Elfman. According to EW, “Phillippe’s Channing McLaren runs a website that exposes Wall Street misconduct. He persuades Elfman’s Naomi Walling to leak some damaging information, but when it’s traced back to her, it becomes a war in and out of the courtroom, with Ellen and Patty on different sides.”  Check it out below:

The battle between Patty (Glenn Close) and Ellen and their diverging paths (or are they coming closer together?) has always been at the heart of the show. So for Patty to be heard at the end of this clip saying, “You want to end this once and for all? Now’s your chance,” it portends yet another intense season. The show has always seemed to lead up to this moment, which feels a bit reminiscent of Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort’s relationship. And as we know from that, “neither cannot live while the other survives.”