‘Logan’: 5 Wolverine Films We Need to See Next

     March 7, 2017


Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn’t seen Logan

James Mangold‘s Logan is the best treatment of Wolverine on the big screen, hands down. And now that fans have had a chance to see Hugh Jackman‘s swan song as the title character, we can dive into the film’s merits and argue over whether it’s “just” the best Wolverine film, the best X-Men film, or possibly the best superhero movie ever madeLogan concludes a 17-year run for Jackman’s Marvel movie mutant in a satisfyingly original way that often makes you forget it’s supposed to be a comic book movie at all …

But “Old Man Logan” it is not. That ongoing comic series, or at least its earliest stories, were cited as inspiration for Logan, which did indeed take elements of the story into account–like the road trip framing story and the fact that all of Logan’s fellow mutants are dead–but it’s not a direct adaptation. That’s probably for the best considering that the Mark Millar-written storyline involved Wolvie taking on a family of inbred Hulks. That’s insane. We won’t be looking for the most insane Wolverine tales ever to grace the pages of comic books, though there certainly are a few of them. Instead, we’ll be looking at somewhat more realistic stories that might just find their way to the big screen.

wolverine-statsSome are obvious, like the continuation of Laura / X-23’s story now that she has been introduced in Logan’s final chapter. Or, since the Canadian wilderness factors into the story quite heavily, perhaps a relatively less obvious choice for a feature film would focus on a Canadian superhero team. With the inevitable recasting of Logan, perhaps by someone who’s closer to the character’s 5’3″, 195lbs stature familiar to comic book fans, a whole new world of Wolverine stories opens up, and there are plenty more comic book arcs to choose from. Let’s get into it!

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