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     August 14, 2020


Today, we’re proud to announce that Collider is launching a weekly newsletter. For those that can’t get enough of what we’re putting down (and who can blame you), we’re arriving straight to your inbox with exclusive, breaking news, interviews, and more.

When you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll get major news stories, insightful and in-depth features from our talented team of writers, joyful and informative interviews with some of the most talented artists in the business, recommendations on what you should be streaming this weekend, and much more.

Even better, if you love our Screening Series and can’t wait for it to return (we can’t either!), then you’ll definitely want to sign up as subscribers will be the first to know when the series returns. For those unfamiliar with our Screening Series, we bring together filmmakers, actors, and more for in-depth Q&A sessions on their acclaimed and anticipated movies.

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