Nic Cage to Star in 3D Action-Thriller HUNGRY RABBIT JUMPS

     September 8, 2009


In my perfect world, Nicolas Cage would long ago have worn out his welcome and would spend his days begging – nay, pleading – to appear in “Check Into Cash” commercials in a feeble attempt to save his house from foreclosure.  Alas, it appears the imperfect world I actually live in isn’t tired of Nicolas Cage, so he’s coming back to furl his brow and sport the fivehead in glorious 3D for the new action-thriller “Hungry Rabbit Jumps” (I don’t suppose we’ll be lucky enough to get a title change on that one, either). Find out more about this doozy after the jump.

The Robert Tannen-written script, which Endgame picked up last year, centers on a man whose wife is the victim of a brutal crime. He subsequently becomes entangled with an underground vigilante organization.  Roger Donaldson has boarded to direct.

I love me a good revenge thriller, and Donaldson did make the slickly decent “The Bank Job” last year, so those are two things that bode well for the film, but I have a hard time putting my faith in any project that puts Nic Cage front and center.  “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” is a Werner Herzog film, for Christ’s sake, and I’m sure it’s probably great, but in my mind there’s no way it won’t suck.  I guess we all have our biases, and mine just won’t budge.

The film is scheduled to begin shooting in January, so you can probably expect a late 2010 release.


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