Nick Cassavetes Replaces Liam Neeson in THE HANGOVER PART II Cameo

     April 9, 2011


With just weeks to go before the release of The Hangover Part II, director Todd Phillips has announced that Liam Neeson’s cameo performance as a Bangkok tattoo artist has been cut from the film.  Back in October Neeson was called in to replace Mel Gibson, whose appearance in the sequel “did not have the full support” of the Hangover cast and crew.  Details on who will replace Neeson are after the jump.

nick-cassavettes-imageLiam Neeson completed work on The Hangover Part II months ago but, as Phillips told Variety, during editing the director had to remove a scene which directly followed Neeson’s cameo which made a reshoot necessary for continuity purposes.  With Neeson currently filming the Clash of the Titans sequel in London, the actor was unavailable for those reshoots which is how his cameo ended up on the cutting room floor.

In terms of the film, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms will still be visiting a scary, white, tattoo artist while visiting Thailand.  Phillips has already re-shot Neeson’s scene with actor/director Nick Cassavetes in the role.  Cassavetes certainly does not have the notable-cameo appeal of Mel Gibson or even Mike Tyson (who famously guested in the first Hangover film) but hey!  Ticket sales were never dependent on the sequel’s caliber of guest star anyway.

The Hangover Part II hits theatres on Memorial Day weekend, May 26, 2011.

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