Nick Frost & Rashida Jones Talk CUBAN FURY, Cuban Furry, Cute and Furry, Moms vs. Bullies, SOBER COMPANION, TRIBECA and More

     April 8, 2014


Nick Frost leads Cuban Fury as Bruce. Way back when, young Bruce was a rising salsa star. He proudly strut around in his bejeweled shirts and pristine dancing shoes, collecting trophies and titles left and right – that is until a group of bullies showed Bruce what they thought of his hobby. Years later, Bruce’s dancing shoes are collecting dust and he’s spending his days working safe and sound at a desk job. However, when he finds out his beautiful new boss, Rashida Jones’ Julia, has a little thing for salsa herself, his little thing for her inspires him to give dancing another go.

While in New York City promoting Cuban Fury’s April 11, 2014 release, Frost and Jones took the time to sit down with Collider to talk about Cuban Fury – or rather Cuban Furry. Or, if you prefer, Cute and Furry. Hear about the duo’s preference for making love at weddings versus dancing and memories of their mothers beating up bullies. We’ve also got Frost’s thoughts on his new Fox comedy pilot, Sober Companion, and Jones talking about her own for TBS, Tribeca.

Nick Frost & Rashida Jones:

  • How to pitch a movie about salsa dancing.
  • Frost on not wanting to dance at this wedding and the “bonkers” tradition of having to do so in front of friends and family.
  • Cuban Furry and Cute and Furry.
  • When Frost’s mother beat up some bullies.
  • Jones’ fear of wakeboarding.
  • Jones on keeping her passion for music to herself.
  • Frost on Sober Companion.
  • Jones on Tribeca.

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