Nick Jonas on Career Goals, His “Jumanji Jumanji” Song and “Bimples”

     December 21, 2017

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was released this week in theaters, and last month I was asked to cover the press junket happening in Hawaii for Collider. I got to sit down for a few minutes to interview recent Golden Globe nominee Nick Jonas. Jonas plays the avatar of a teenager named “Alex” who disappears into the world of the Jumanji video game at the beginning of the film. During our conversation we talked about his experience on the film, switching bodies, and if he has any bigger plans for his acting career in the future.

nick-jonas-jumani-jumanjiOne of the central plot points in the movie is that the four main teenagers become adult avatars in the Jumanji video game. So I started my interview by asking Jonas what would be the most unusual thing any of his cast mates would discover about his body if they were to switch bodies with him. After letting out a small laugh and thinking about it a moment, he said “I’ve got, like, dimples. They’re like at the lowest part of my back. Like where you’d put a lower back tattoo, I’ve got these back dimples.” I informed him that “bimples” is the scientific term for this occurrence.

We also discussed his acting ambitions. Jonas has been steadily building a strong acting resume with this film and his recent multiple episode turns in shows like Kingdom and Scream Queens. So given his work recently, I proposed that we might be seeing him in an Oscar nominated film and possibly nominated for an Oscar in the future. When I asked if this might be a goal of his currently, he answered:

“Winning an Oscar? Nah. I have no interest…(laughs). I’m kidding. Yeah, I mean that’d be amazing. I think right now, for me, it’s about finding projects that I’m passionate about. Things that help me grow and working with great creative teams. Those awards season movies are hard to come by. I think it’s just about staying prudent, finding great stuff and trying to grow”

It’s a great answer and left me even more convinced that we’ll see him in something like that in the future.


Image via Sony Pictures

We moved on to his music next, which is what he is most known for of course, and for fun I asked him to improv a song with me based on what his character does in the movie. He liked the idea, but he had to politely decline and instead gave me the news that a duet song for the soundtrack was on the way. “There’s already a Jumanji song that will be released very soon with yours truly and Jack Black.” That song, “Jumanji Jumanji”, was released this week. All four of the main actors in the film and Nick are in the music video but when the song starts it’s Nick and Jack Black taking the main stage for the song that has a strong Tenacious D influence.

Check out the music video above and see what you think! Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is now in theaters.

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