Nick Stahl and Carlos Brooks – Exclusive Sundance Video Interview

     February 7, 2008

A movie that I heard a lot of good things about at this year’s Sundance Film Festival was “Quid Pro Quo,” a film written and directed by Carlos Brooks.

In the film, Isaac, a paraplegic played by Nick Stahl, is a popular New York City public-radio reporter who is investigating a story from an anonymous source about a man who walked into a hospital demanding that his leg be amputated.

While pursuing the story to satisfy his own probing curiosity, Isaac meets the strikingly beautiful and mysterious Fiona (played by Vera Farmiga), a restoration artist. Isaac’s investigation not only initiates a relationship with Fiona but also leads him into the strange subculture of “wannabes,” those longing for wholeness—or lack thereof—in rather peculiar ways. Will Fiona lead Isaac to answers about this underworld of seekers, or will their stormy association push him toward a more painful truth?

Anyway, I got to interview Nick and Carlos at the Festival and it’s below. As always, I listed what we talked about above each part. And if you missed the movie clips that I posted for “Quid Pro Quo,” you can watch them here.

Nick Stahl and Carlos Brooks – Part 1

  • What’s Sundance been like so far

  • They talk about Quid Pro Quo – what the movie is about and who does Nick play

  • I ask Nick what does he look for in a script to take a part

  • We talk about the research they each had to do for the movie

Nick Stahl and Carlos Brooks – Part 2

  • Continuing the research question, I ask Nick since he’s becoming more famous, does it get harder to do research.

  • I ask Carlos why he wanted Nick to play the role. We then turn it around and have Nick answer if Carlos’ assessment was right.

  • What’s the status of the movie for people who want to see it. SXSW talk.

  • Nick talks about Sleepwalking – his other movie at Sundance

  • What do they have coming up. Carlos talks about a project he’s developing that takes place on the construction of the Empire State Building. He is going to shoot it with old fashioned matte paintings and mix it with modern CGI.

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