Fire Up the Sundae Slide, Nickelodeon Is Bringing Back ‘Double Dare’

     April 25, 2018


All aboard the nostalgia train! Nickelodeon is bringing back the kids game show Double Dare. The original series is also Nick’s longest-running one, from 1986 to 1993. It ushered in an era where physically-oriented game shows dominated the scene, from GUTS to Legends of the Hidden Temple. Sadly, those all went by the wayside in the early 2000s, with only a few established TV series on broadcast, like American Ninja Warrior, occasionally running a “junior” event. But for those who long for the glory days of making kids pick a giant human nose, or careen down a chocolate-covered slide filled with ice cream, or leap through a giant gum ball machine … the time has come.

As Nickelodeon announced today, the series will be returning for 40 all-new episodes this summer, and will feature both classic challenges and new ones. The press release explains that, “Double Dare features two teams competing to win prizes by answering brain-bending trivia questions, completing messy, physical stunts and ultimately facing the infamous obstacle course–the human hamster wheel; the classic gigantic mouth; the wringer; and the iconic Double Dare nose.”

This isn’t the first time that Double Dare has been revived, including Double Dare 2000. But the time feels right for this since there isn’t much competition (pun only somewhat intended) from other kids networks for this kind of programming. It’s also worth noting that the original series spunoff Super Sloppy Double Dare as well as Family Double Dare, which also aired in the 90s.

A host for the series hasn’t been announced yet, but honestly, could anyone be better than Marc Summers? It’s a lot to live up to. Check out the video announcement below, and let us know what your favorite Double Dare challenges were.