Nicolas Cage Flies Away from THE GREEN HORNET

     September 8, 2009

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I feel really bad for “The Green Hornet”.  I know that it’s just a movie and that it has no emotions what so ever, but I can’t help but feel bad for the poor ol’ film. I’m sure you guys have been following the problematic production for the past year or so and now that things finally looked like it was going to get better, we now get news that Nicolas Cage, who was set to play the film’s villain, has dropped out.  This doesn’t look too good for the film since the film just started principal photography last week.  You can read more details when you hit the jump.

For those of you that don’t know, “The Green Hornet” has been plagued with production problems for years and years now.  For awhile the film was stuck in production hell with a screenplay by Kevin Smith. Then, a couple of years pass by and it finally gets greenlit with Seth Rogen set to star and write the film with Stephen Chow directing and starring in the film as Kato. The film looks like it’s going to happen and then all of a sudden Chow leaves the film completely. Then out of nowhere the film switches directors and Michel Gondry takes over as director with newcomer Jay Chou taking over as Kato.  Then, we get reports that Cameron Diaz, Edward James Olmos, and Nicolas Cage are also on board.  The film looks like it will finally be made and come out without a problem…or not.  We then get news that the film’s realease date has been pushed back five months.

So, if all of this wasn’t enough we now get news that Nicolas Cage has dropped out at the last minute.  I said it once and I will say it again, I feel so bad for this film and everyone involved with it.  Heat Vision Blog reports that the actor and the studio were not able to come to terms on a deal and because of this Cage dropped out of the film even though filming has already begun.  It looks like the studio and Gondry are now on the lookout for a new bad guy for the film and I’m going to assume that they need him ASAP.

I’m personally kind of bummed out about Nic Cage dropping out.  I’ve expressed my love for Cage’s performances (both good and bad) in the past and I was looking forward to this one.  I have faith in Gondry and Rogen and I was hoping for either a really good Cage performance or a fun as hell over the top one. Now, I’m just wondering which big name actor they will be able to get on such short notice who can bring the energy that Cage would have brought.

“The Green Hornet” is set for a December 17, 2010 release date.  As always, we will keep you updated.


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