Heroes: Nicolas Cage Is Superman in the ‘Teen Titans GO!’ Movie

     March 14, 2018

On this episode of Heroes, Jon Schnepp, Amy Dallen, and Robert Meyer Burnett discuss the following:

  • In an interview with USA Today, executive producer Sam Register confirms that Nicolas Cage has been cast to be the voice of Superman for the Teen Titans GO! To the Movies feature film.
  • Numerous conflicting reports surfaced over the last few days about the early test screening reactions for Deadpool 2. The panel offers their opinions on these reports.
  • Patty Jenkins takes to Twitter to confirm that Kristen Wiig is officially playing Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2.
  • In an interview with JoBlo, Karl Urban reveals that he is open to playing The Batman in Matt ReevesThe Batman.
  • A Twitter user posts a behind the scenes picture from X-Men: Dark Phoenix that shows the X-Men in Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely inspired team uniforms.
  • In an interview with Total Film, Jeffrey Dean Morgan reveals that it would be the “thrill of a lifetime” to play Batman. The panel discusses if it will happen in Flashpoint.
  • Warner Bros. released the episode titles for their Titans TV series. The panel discusses which episode title excites them the most.
  • In an interview with The Daily Beast, Lynda Carter says that Wonder Woman should have been nominated for an Oscar and that she is open to being in Wonder Woman 2.
  • An update on Stan Lee.
  • Twitter Questions

Image via 20th Century Fox